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Stock Brake Rebuild

For those wishing to preserve originality, the stock brake calipers can be refurbished to as-new condition.

Calipers are disassembled, inspected, degreased, and media blasted to remove all traces of oxidation.

After media blasting, they are sent out for plating and resleeving.

After plating and new sleeves, new high-quality pistons and seals are installed.

These stock Series 2 calipers have been thoroughly degreased and media blasted. Next, they are sent out for plating and resleeving.
After the calipers are plated and sleeved, they are rebuilt using new pistons and seals.
The caliper halves with new pistons and seals installed.
Brake calipers assembled.
New brake rotor installed on hub, freshly replated and rebuilt caliper mounted.
Top view of installed rotor and caliper. New braided brake hose is also visible.

Aftermarket Brake Upgrades

Many customers are interested in using aftermarket brake calipers when refurbishing the brake system.

For some, it makes economic sense... some kits are actually less expensive than the cost of a stock resleeve and rebuild.

For others, it's about decreasing the unsprung weight at the wheel; new aluminum calipers are much lighter than the stock units.


Billet aftermarket brake caliper installed on a Series 1 E-Type.
Large Wilwood calipers, fitted to E-Type spindle.
Or, some just like the looks of the aftemarket calipers. Whatever the reason, we are happy to help the customer make an informed decision and to provide a safe installation.