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There were two different gearboxes offered by Jaguar for the E-Type. The early 3.8L cars were equipped with a Moss 4-speed. The Moss boxes did not have a 1st gear syncho and are affectionately referred to as "crash boxes".

For 1965, Jaguar began installing a full-synchro gearbox along with a larger 4.2L engine in the E-Type.

Both transmission types are very tough units, and can usually be rebuilt to perform as new (or better). Terry has rebuilt hundreds of Jaguar gearboxes over the years and knows exactly what to look for (and how to fix it) when tearing one down.


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Here's Terry in the middle of a Jaguar XKE transmission rebuild project. Each of those tiny bearings have to be carefully placed on the shaft.
This engine block is ready for the flywheel.
The flywheel has been installed, the clutch disc is in place, and the pressure plate is loosely installed. Here the clutch disc is being centered using an old transmission input shaft. Once centered, the pressure plate bolts are torqued down.
The transmission, a 4-speed syncho box, and bell housing is being offered up to the engine block.
Another view...