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Wheels and Tires  

We have the experience and equipment to mount and balance your vintage, tube-type wire wheels, as well as modern, sealed wire wheels.
Wheel and Tire Upgrades
New, modern wire wheels are available in many sizes ranging from the stock width and offset to oversize versions. Modern tires are available in many sizes and aspect ratios. We can help you select a replacement wheel and tire package that appeals to you and will still work on your car without any fitment problems.
Wheel Comparison
Many folks have questions about wire wheel offerings. The wheel at left is a stock, Series 2 wheel; the wheel at right is a new Dayton wheel. The Series 2 stock wheel is 5-inches wide and features a smooth hub and traditional spoke lacing. The Dayton is a 6-inch wheel with a curly hub and and center-laced spokes.
Wheel Comparison
Here's another view showing the differences between the stock hub and spoke lacing (L) vs the curly hub and center laced spokes (R).
6-inch Daytons
Rear view of 6-inch Dayton center laced wheels with BF Goodrich T/A radials, 225-60-15. It's a tight fit....
6-inch Daytons
Front view.
7-inch Wheel
6-inch Dayton center lace wheel on Series 1 OTS.
7-inch Wheel
This is the wheel/tire setup on the rear of Terry Lippincott's personal E-Type: 7-inch wheels shod with 245/55-15 tires!
Stock 5-inch wide wire wheel and stock tire setup.
Aftermarket Dunlop Wheel Fitted to an E-Type.