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Our Shop Projects
JefferyB, E-Type OTS, Early Outside-Latch Car
Added 25-JUL-2010   Click on images for larger, slideshow view...
Fresh barn find.
Rusty in the usual places.
That's the happy owner checking up on the car's progress and pretending to drive...
Lot's of ventilation from beneath!
Terry welding in new sills.
Terry shooting the bonnet with epoxy primer.
Engine block has been to the machine shop and is ready for assembly.
The firewall is painted before the rest of the car. The engine subfames are also painted at this time and bolted in after they're dry.
Stripped tub.
Engine being readied for installation from beneath the car.
Final fitment of engine.
Ready for delivery. Notice outside latches. Body-color headlight scoops are proper for these early cars.