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Our Shop Projects
John B

Updated 30-AUG-2010

Overview: This Series 2 owner had us redo all body and paintwork, and to convert his open headlights to covered headlights. The Series 2 E-Type headlight opening is much larger than the older, covered headlight opening and requires the welding in of some additional sheet metal.

John B, the car's owner, provides the photo captions below:

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Before - stock S2 bonnet. Notice the GM magnetic red paint done by PO. Looks better in picture than it actually was.
Stock S2 LF headlight.
Stock S2 bonnet, stripped, primed and refitted.
Terry marking location for metal patch to resize headlight opening.
Chrome surround held in place to show where metal patch will be fitted.
Cardboard template used to cut strip of additional metal required to resize, reshape the headlight opening. In this shot, the metal is welded in, smoothed and primed.

RF headlight opening completed. In primer.

Resizing modifications for both openings complete.
S1 sugar scoop, glass cover chrome surround, HL diaphragm, HL bucket fitted to modified bonnet.
All S1 parts installed in freshly painted, modified bonnet. Painted in it's original Signal red.
Picture of the engine bay where you can see S1 headlight diaphragms and headlight buckets installed and wired.
Close up of right side completed with bumpers and turn signal lamps installed. Note, S2 side marker lights removed, openings filled in (Still have paint shop wheels and tires mounted).
Conversion completed. Only the chrome beading for the wing to bonnet seam is yet to be fitted.
Another view of the engine bay, this time with the all of the extras.
Conversion completed.