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Lippincott's Garage

At Lippincott's Garage, we have over 35 years' experience in providing world-class repairs and restorations of pre-1974 Jaguar automobiles including XK-120's, XK-140's, XK-150's, MKII's; we specialize in 1961-71 6-cylinder E-Types.

We do all levels of Jaguar restoration and repair ranging from routine maintenance of daily drivers to the creation of 100-point show winners. Our customers routinely request the installation of modern, high performance upgrades to their Jaguars; we are as passionate and enthusiastic about performing quality modification work and upgrades as we are in doing completely stock, factory-perfect rebuilds.

Our restored cars routinely win local and national car show awards and have commanded top-tier selling prices at collector car auctions.

We guarantee your satisfaction and strive to be your one stop vintage Jaguar restoration shop. No job is too small or too large and we enjoy working with our customers to help fulfill those Jaguar dreams.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

What's New Here

2024-04-01 Continuing to complete projects...

Terry's Race Car is For Sale; See ad above.
Racing Background:
Mont-Tremblant 2010 Pictures
Mont-Tremblant 2010 Video
Sebring 2010
Sebring 2011

2014-12-29 Updated 1956 XK140 Basket Case Project
2014-09-15 Updated Phil's Outside Latch E-Type
2014-09-03 Added WillJ's XK150 Project
2014-08-17 Updated Differential Rebuild

Terry Lippincott's Race Car NO LONGER For Sale

Featured Projects

1961 XK150 OTS
1956 XK140

Lippincott's Garage