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Bodywork and Paint  

Panel Replacement, Rust Repair, and Custom Metal Fabrication
Terry Lippincott repairing rusted bonnet panel by welding in new metal.
Terry installing replacement welded-in bonnet louvers.
Here's a view of the inside of a rusty door skin that Terry is replacing.
Newly reskinned door being fitted into opening.
This customer requested that we do a special covered headlight conversion.

Click here to see details on a covered headlight conversion on John B's Series 2 E-Type.
Special covered headlight conversion.

Here's a small before-and-after sampling of some of the cars that have been restored at Lippincott's Garage:  

...after. (1995 National Winner)





This car is in the process of being media blasted.
New Bonnet Being Fitted.

Media Blasting

We perform on-site media blasting of both small and large parts. For most items, we use a large media blast cabinet to get parts clear of rust and corrosion. This provides the best surface for painting or plating.

Items that are too large for the blast cabinet are shot outdoors with a pressure-type media blaster.

Media Blasting E-Type Doors
Media Blasting E-Type Tub
Media Blasting E-Type Bonnet